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Capital City Tree Service
We have training and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently!
1627 Lorance Drive
Little Rock, AR 72206
(501) 686-2097

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About Us

Capital City Tree Service

Capital City Tree Service is a family owned and operated business, started in 2001 by owner Charles Shaw. Charles established the business with the hope of providing central Arkansas with a tree service that has the training and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently, with safety and the customers' needs always put first.

Capital City Tree Service wants your business today and for many generations to come.  Whether it is trimming limbs and deadwood or removing a tree off your house during a storm with our 24 hour emergency service, you can count on Capital City Tree Service.  We look forward to serving you and protecting your family with all of your arboriculture needs. 

Please call (501) 686-2097 today for a free estimate and allow my family to help protect and serve your family's tree needs.

Additional Information

Services include:

  • 24-hour Emergency Tree Removal Service- Call Capital City Tree Service day or night. One call and our crew will come out in the rain or storms to remove trees and limbs from your roof or property. We are prepared with tarps to patch any holes or leaks caused by tree damage allowing you and your family protection until you are able to seek further repair help for the tree or storm damage.
  • Tree Removal- Capital City Tree Service uses pulleys and rigging to avoid lawn and landscape damage when removing a tree and will not free drop limbs.
  • Tree Trimming- When trimming a tree, Capital City Tree Service only trims limb to lateral limbs to insure proper future growth. This ensures the tree will continue to feed the limb. When trimming a limb to the trunk of a tree, we cut them at the collar of the limb which allows the tree enough wood to close up and heal from the tree trimming.
  • Stump Grinding- Stump Grinding can be done where grass is to be planted, to make room for a new tree, or to clear the way for a driveway, paving stones, or poured concrete. In all cases the process is virtually the same, though we often need to go deeper when a new tree is to be planted.
  • Brush and Debris Removal- We have specialized equipment available that make the removal of brush and other debris easy.  With the right equipment, and Capital City Tree Service at the helm, we can take care of any task.


24-hour Emergency Tree Removal Service
Brush and Debris Removal
Stump Grinding
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming


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