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Update: Thanksgiving weekend, plane makes emergency landing in Little Rock | News

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Update: Thanksgiving weekend, plane makes emergency landing in Little Rock

An American Airlines jet made that emergency landing Sunday morning at the Little Rock National Airport. Aside from that scare, things appear to be going smoothly. The new National Security procedures don't seem to be slowing folks down.

Other than a few delays, Thanksgiving travel in and out the Little Rock National Airport went smoothly. But it took a little longer for passengers on American Airlines flight 419 leaving Boston as pilots made an emergency landing in Little Rock Sunday morning.

There were 165 passengers on there way to Dallas for a stop before heading to Los Angeles. Passengers say there were about 15 loud bangs and the plane jerked every time.

One man explains, "It sounded right beneath us, but apparently it was more about the engine."

American Airlines tells Today's THV the engine stalled but did not shut down and there were no injuries. Passengers credit the pilots for keeping everyone calm. Another passenger says, "It kind of startled us, but we didn't think anything of it. Then the attendants said they we're going to contact the pilot and let them know that was going on, but I guess the pilots were already aware of it."

More than 40 million people plan to travel over this Thanksgiving holiday. More than 1.6 million are flying and according to AAA, it's a 3.5 percent increase from last year.

Gavin Lee of Little Rock crosses his fingers, "I hope there won't be any delays."

Gavin Lee's 8-year-old son Sebastian came to visit for Thanksgiving, now he is flying him back to make sure he lands safely. Gavin looks at Sebastian, "Now we're going back to Florida, to go see mommy."

Lee will then return to Little Rock Monday morning in time for work. He hopes to bypass the new pat down but knows it's a small price to pay to be with his son. "I don't really like them. Actually I don't really like them at all. I can see why people want to do them," Lee says.

But this holiday, it appears the real problem lies with a now grounded plane under inspection.

Passengers on the plane that made the emergency landing were able to board another plane and make it to their final destination.

Passenger Glenn Anderson spoke to Today's THV by phone from the plane. He said the pilot did an excellent job keeping everyone calm during the landing.

The passengers left Little Rock for Dallas at 1:35 p.m. The Boeing 757 had 165 passengers, two pilots and four flight crew members.

An American Airline Spokesperson says this is similar to a car engine sputtering; although the plane engine did not shut down.