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'What The Great Ate' | News

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'What The Great Ate'

They have collaborated on a new book entitled "What the Great Ate." It's a compilation of stories and anecdotes of the famous and how they used or ate or treated food. On Today's THV at 6:30, the Jacob brothers told stories around Thanksgiving.

For instance, John Adams, a man whose contribution to the young democracy is immeasurable, was a president who didn't like turkey. On his Thanksgiving table, he preferred bacon wrapped chicken livers. President Kennedy only liked white meat.

In other countries there were legends too, although not involving Thanksgiving, Joseph Stalin, the famous Russian dictator was reknowned for practical jokes involving food. Tomatoes in chairs, and telling his guests after several bites, their food had been poisoned.

The book makes an interesting gift. Look it up. "What The Great Ate."