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North Little Rock Warned that Noise From Mortar Fire Could be Disruptive | Business

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North Little Rock Warned that Noise From Mortar Fire Could be Disruptive

North Little Rock Warned that Noise From Mortar Fire Could be Disruptive 

Residents who live near to the northeast side of Camp Robinson on the Pulaski County-Faulkner County line, or those who are planning to travel to the area are being advised that their visit might have been disrupted by the sound of mortar fire. Residents and visitors alike are being warned not to worry, however, as the mortar fire was an expected outcome from routine training exercises which will continue be carried out over the coming two weeks. 

Where is the mortar fire training taking place? 

The training is necessary part of training new recruits on using mortar equipment and upgrading the skills of more experienced recruits to new technology and updated equipment procedures. The live fire mortar training will be taking place on ranges near Cato, and South of Arkansas Highway 89 starting on the 9th of June. It is expected, though not definitively guaranteed, that the training sessions will commence at around noon and will continue through the night, ending just before noon on the following day on the 10th of June. This will happen periodically around the same timetable for the next two weeks.

Arkansas National Guard officials have advised that the sounds of mortar fire will be likely to carry as far as outside of the Camp Robinson perimeter and potentially will cause some concern among locals and visitors. In addition to the mortar fire here will be several flare illumination rounds fired which will give off a bright light likely to be visible from beyond the perimeter fence. The illumination from the flares will only take place during the night.

Arkansas National Guard urges residents not to worry

The National Guard has put out the warning in the anticipation that residents will be concerned. In the past, the loud noises from mortar fire training exercises have caused locals to call the authorities and they are urged not to do so this time. The area is not in any danger from the exercise either, with residents guaranteed not to be under threat of damage. There is no need to contact your insurance advisor to check about the state of repayments on your home as the exercises are 100 per cent safe. The tremors from the fire will not be powerful enough to damage property. The National Guard reiterate that there are no precautions you need to take in order to be safe as they will be taken on your behalf. Children should also be told about the exercise to avoid distress and animals and pets should be kept inside and away from the explosions if they are likely to be disturbed or upset by the noise.

Which communities will be affected

Depending on the direction of the wind, the sound of the mortar fire may travel unexpectedly to some other location; however, the National guard has put out a notice for all residents in the following areas beyond the border posts including:

  • Cato
  • Mayflower
  • Runyon Acres
  • Gravel Ridge
  • and Oak Grove
If you are going to be in these areas you are warned that noise from the blasts are highly likely. You may also feel slight rumbling tremors underfoot as a result of the blasts. However, they are always further away than they sound and there is no danger that a mortar round could stray into a civilian area.

Mortar training exercises not carried out without reason

The 233rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute of the Arkansas National Guard prides itself highly on the provision of high quality training to ensure all its graduates meet the demanding readiness standards of the Army. While they apologize for any disturbance, they would not undertake action that would not be of benefit to their troops. The day and night targeting training exercises are held regularly to ensure that the troops from this regiment contribute to the most highly skilled military in the world. They claim that the best skills only come from the best training and that the day and night procedures are key to this success. 

Disruptive noise and vibrations unavoidable 

Unfortunately, the excessive noise and small ground tremors generated by training exercises of this nature are unavoidable. The Arkansas National Guard understands the problems that the noise and vibrations may cause but aims to keep disruption to a minimum. They will strive to keep everyone in the area that is likely to be affected informed of the training exercise which will cause most noise and tremors.