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Man comes face to face with home intruder | Crime

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Man comes face to face with home intruder
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Man comes face to face with home intruder

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A North Little Rock man says he came seconds away from shooting an intruder that was standing just a few feet away from him after breaking into his home.

It happened around noon on Monday at the 1900 block of Osceola Drive in North Little Rock.

"I come right here and he's standing right there," said victim Josh Wooding, as he replayed the intrusion. "And I've got the gun drawn on him like this [to his head]."

Wooding says he remembers every detail from the break-in.

"I was absolutely terrified and I thought I'm fixing to kill someone and I do not want to do that," he continued.

According to the police report, a man came up to Wooding's door and knocked, but Wooding didn't answer. Naturally, he returned to his seat, expecting the man to go away, but he didn't. Instead he starts heading over to the side yard.

"I saw him walk in the yard and I thought something was a little off but I wasn't quite sure," Wooding elaborated.

According to the police report, the suspect hopped the home's eight foot security fence, before rounding the back of the house and breaking in to the back door.

"Within seconds I hear the explosion of the door," Wooding exclaimed reenacting the event. "We made eye contact with my gun drawn to his head."

And Wooding says would've pulled the trigger if the man hadn't scurried off.

"When you think you're having to draw a gun on somebody and potentially confront them with that gun, and you meant to pull the trigger. That is absolutely the most terrified I've been in my entire life," he said.

And Wooding isn't the only one left shaken, because neighbors say it's the first crime to happen in the area in almost a year.

"You know it's really out of character for the neighborhood, we barely even hear sirens here," said Charles Stringer, who lives across the street from Wooding.

Police say they're actively looking for the suspect. They says his glasses fell off and fingerprints were left at the home, so they're hopeful they'll be able to find him soon.

Crime, News