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How does your brain work? | Events

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How does your brain work?
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How does your brain work?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- What happens in an emergency room? How does our brain work? Find out at GENERAL HOSPITAL/BRAIN AWARENESS, a special educational event at the Museum of Discovery, March 10-12, 2011.

Thanks to underwriting from the Arkansas Bioscience Institute and the Arkansas Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, the first 464 visitors on Saturday, March 12 will get free admission to the Museum of Discovery. First come, first served. Demonstrations and hands-on activities are designed to teach elementary and high school students about brain and nervous system function, and what may go wrong in certain disorders of the nervous system.

"The human body is amazing," says Susan Bennett, Museum educator. "Although we study human anatomy and physiology in school, we often forget how wonderful it is on a daily basis. Our hands-on activities and demonstrations will have visitors of all ages 'buzzing' about our bodies!"

The Museum's permanent exhibit "Health Hall" features1,000 square feet of hands-on activities such as flexibility testing, blood pressure and teeth cleaning, to explore  the wonders of the human body. The Museum's temporary exhibit "Illusion Confusion" allows visitors to see how their brains can fool them.

Other activities include:

+The "Jell-O" Brain: Learn the shape, composition, texture and fragile nature of the brain by examining a Jell-O molded form of a brain. Use cake icing to "draw" arteries on the brain.

+Helmet Head: View compelling demonstrations of how helmets protect the brain and how spinal fluid protects the nervous system.

+Rat Brain: Visitors can hold a rat's brain.

+OTB Games: Use an operant behavioral panel to test short and long-term memory, and the ability to recognize symbols and the passage of time. Candy treats for correct answers!

+Top Chef: Create a nutritious meal using information from the food pyramid.

+Finger Casts: Learn how to make a cast by practicing on your own (and others') fingers. Safe for all ages.

+Relay Races: Test your strength and agility. Bragging rights are on the line!

"This is the last special educational event that will be offered by the Museum of Discovery before we close April 2 for a complete renovation," says Nan Selz, executive director. "Visitors have the opportunity to experience the Museum in its 'before' state. After the building closes April 2, we will continue to do outreach and programs at other locations, such as University of Little Rock (UALR), the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) Main Library and Cox Creative Center, and other locations. Also, we have a comment wall on which visitors can record their favorite memories of the Museum during its 83 year history."

More information about renovations and upcoming programming can be found at www.anewMOD.org and www.MuseumofDiscovery.org

Events, Families, Health