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Chlorine smell in water | Health

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Chlorine smell in water
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Chlorine smell in water

I recently contacted Central Arkansas Water after I kept noticing a strong chlorine odor in my water off and on for several months in Lakewood in North Little Rock. I was concerned about the levels and had other neighbors asking as well.

Central Arkansas Water Director of Source & Treatment Gary Hum sent me this reply:

"A chlorine smell to the water is not something to be concerned about and is actually an assurance that chlorine is present.

"Chlorine is the chemical used to disinfect the water as required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency(USEPA) Safe Drinking Water Act. Disinfection is the process that inactivates microbial contaminants such as bacteria and viruses, and prevents water borne disease outbreaks. A detectable chlorine residual is required throughout the distribution system.

"Central Arkansas Water targets a chlorine residual between 0.8 - 1.3 mg/L leaving the water treatment plants. The chlorine residual leaving the treatment plants is measured continuously by water quality analyzers and every four hours by plant operators.

"We measure the chlorine residual monthly at approximately 195 locations throughout the distribution system. The chlorine residual in the distribution system is typically between 0.1 - 1.3 mg/L. The maximum chlorine residual allowed by USEPA is 4.0 mg/L.  

"Chlorine is a volatile chemical that does come out of the water as it is aerated, such as when you are filling a bathtub, thus creating the chlorine odor."



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