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So You're Going To Drill Into My Tooth | Health

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So You're Going To Drill Into My Tooth
So You're Going To Drill Into My Tooth

This morning, I had an appointment with my dentist in Conway to have a tooth prepped for a crown, it’s something I’ve always dreaded, but knew it had to be done.  Our family never had good dental insurance growing up, and now that I’m an adult, I’m paying for it.  Take care of your teeth, kids.

Anyways, my dentist walks in and before he gets started with a drill that would rival something from the home depot, he breaks the bicuspid by asking me:

“Tell Me Something Good.”

At first, it took me by surprise, as it’s not a common pleasantry I’m used to, but the first thing “good” that came to my mind was the new nifty Lakewood sign as you come into North Little Rock. 

Although I now live a half-hour drive away, I still endure the commute because I’m comfortable with my dentist in Conway and their wonderful staff (i’m confident there are excellent dentists locally).  It’s difficult being comfortable with someone who is going to be grinding on your teeth regularly, and when you finally get the right person, one would be willing to travel cross-country for them.

So now I’ll ask you this:  Tell me something good.  Please leave your comments below on Today’sTHV facebook page.  I look forward to reading them!

As far as how that tooth is working out... see the picture for yourself :)