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Rooster crows for McDonald's every day | News

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Rooster crows for McDonald's every day

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Every day, a colorful character visits a fast food restaurant outside North Little Rock and announces his arrival with a crow. His name is Henry the Rooster, and he's become quite the regular customer.

If anyone`s ever questioned where you hang out, you've got something in common with this guy. It's not just his pecking order with speeding cars, it's the company he keeps said customer Jodie Roskydoll

"The first time I seen him I was wondering is that where they get there chicken nuggets at? I was tripping. I've never seen a rooster hanging out at a McDonalds before," said Roskydoll.

About a year ago, the rooster started greeting customers at The McDonalds in Protho Junction. Manager Delia Reed said he just showed up one day.

"Henry is one of my most dedicated employees. He comes every morning. He's here about 5 o'clock," Reed explained.

McDonalds employee Phyliss Stroud said apparently Henry has a lot to crow about.

"He'll just sit underneath the drive-thru window and just crow and crow and crow until somebody comes out and feeds him," she added.

Manager Delia Reed said Henry has his favorites on the menu.

"He loves hash browns, and believe it or not, he loves hardboiled eggs. that's his favorite," Reed listed.

Reed said it's obvious Henry brings something unique to this Protho Junction restaurant.

"Put us on the map, Henry. That we're different. We want people to see that we're different, so they'll visit our store," Reed said.

"It's definitely an Arkansas thing," explained Roskydoll. "You're not going to go to Kansas or some place and see a rooster hanging outside a McDonalds."

"He's beautiful and as long as you don't try to approach him, he'll almost pose for you on the camera," added Stroud.

When Henry first showed up at the McDonalds, Animal services tried capturing him, but failed. Since then, they've decided to just let him stay.