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Helmet investigation paying dividends in NLR | News

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Helmet investigation paying dividends in NLR
Helmet investigation paying dividends in NLR

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Just this year there have been 13 deaths attributed to high school football concussions. Now schools around the nation and locally are taking extra precautions to prevent these injuries, and one of them is North Little Rock.

Following THV11's extensive helmet investigation earlier this year North Little Rock spent $16,000 upgrading their helmets and concussion procedures.

"[The new helmets] help with confidence because I don't really have to focus on [safety] because I'm just playing my game," said running back D.J. Brown.

"I'm doing probably five more concussion assessments than I would prior to this device," added trainer Chad Williams.

The Charging Wildcats have been sporting new helmets- 30 of them with five sensors each to guage collision impact.

"There's a correlation between the amount of times they're setting this sensor off and the concussions," Williams added.

When a hit reaches a certain impact threshold it notifies Williams who can then check up on the player.

"If it's going to help me then it's going to help me so it's a good thing," said linebacker Tyler Phillips of the new helmet technology.

The coaching staff says it's raised awareness from the coaches to the players- taking away the variable of pride.

"[Players] are paying a little bit more to the signs and the symptoms where they normally may have just let it off to the side and tried to play through it," Williams elaborated.

And from those on the field to those in the stands, it's a change that's helping everyone's head.

"There's so many accidents that [are] happening that causes long term suffering," Said Tijuana Griffin, whose son Tobias plays for the Charging Wildcats. "I am happy they've gone the extra step with the helmets."

North Little Rock is only one of a few schools not only in Arkansas, but in the nation using this technology at this level. They say they hope it sets a new standard for schools and leagues.


Update: High-tech helmets approved for North Little Rock football