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NLR middle school students honored for good deed | News

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NLR middle school students honored for good deed

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A group of middle schoolers in North Little Rock was caught in the act doing something positive for their community.

Their random act of kindness didn't going unnoticed, gaining the attention of the city's mayor. It happened on the morning of Friday, October 16, Dan Giusti, a sanitation supervisor with the city of North Little Rock, was making his rounds in the area of West 33rd Street and Gum Street when he saw something that made him take a second glance. It was an older man and group of kids picking up trash in a vacant lot.

"I said, 'these kids with you?' and he said 'no they were just waiting for the bus and saw me down here doing it and decided to give me a hand,'" said Giusti.

Harley Wright and Kendrick Davis, both 12 years old, were waiting with their friends at the bus stop that morning. The group of 10 North Little Rock middle schoolers said they felt a sudden urge to lend a hand.

"We saw this man picking up trash and all this debris, so we wanted to help," said 7th grader Kendrick Davis.

Blown away by the random act of kindness, Giusti called the school and told them what he saw.

"I thought I was going to be in trouble, because I was called down to the main office. So, I thought I was in trouble, but then he handed me a letter," said 7th grader Harley Wright.

The letter was a personalized thank-you from Mayor Joe Smith, which was delivered to each one of the students.

"I was pleased to be able to pat these kids on the back," said Mayor Smith.

The students said they never anticipated a thank-you or the recognition they had received.

"It made me feel special," said Davis.

"I just thought we were doing the right thing ourselves," said Wright.

Giusti said he's hopeful this act of kindness shows others how one small good deed can make a big impact.

"These kids will prove it to you. They deserve all the respect and everything that they get, they deserve," said Giusti.

The students said they hope this story inspires others to do something good for someone else.