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Coyote sightings in NLR neighborhood | News

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Coyote sightings in NLR neighborhood

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A surprise visitor in one North Little Rock neighborhood is catching people off guard.

At least one coyote was spotted twice this week in the Park Hill neighborhood on Skyline Drive.

One viewer even captured a photo of it in her backyard in the middle of the day, eating birdseed.

Experts said while may seem odd to see, especially in broad daylight, coyote sightings in neighborhoods are not uncommon.

“Coyotes have a home range of about 10 miles. So you might see one coyote on one side of North Little Rock and then several weeks later that same coyote on a different side of the city,” said David Miles, Lead Animal Control Officer for the city of North Little Rock.

Mike Fischer is a professional trapper in central Arkansas and said it’s not uncommon to see coyotes in urban settings, even during the daylight.

“They’re opportunists and if they find a food source they will come, and if nobody is there to run them off, then they are pretty much at home,” said Fischer.

Coyotes usually aren't interested in bird feed or pet food, but those attract squirrels and other rodents which then attract coyotes.

“Try to make sure you’re not creating a buffet for coyotes. Whether it be bird food, dog food, cat food. You’re kind of creating a problem for yourself if you have a lot of food laying out,” said Miles.

Experts suggest if you feed your dog outside to bring the dish inside at night. They also suggest avoiding dumping leftover dog food outside, which attracts coyotes.

Miles said if you spot a coyote, most of the time it is just passing through. However, if it continues to return, contact your local animal control and wildlife officials will set a trap.