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Freezing for a reason at Polar Bear Plunge 2010


Starting at noon Friday, members of law enforcement began jumping in the water at Lakewood Lake #3 to raise awareness for Special Olympics. They continued to jump in every hour on the hour until Saturday.

And today you can get involved too! Everyone is invited to sign up; all it costs is a minimum $50 donation. Registration starts at 11 a.m. and the plunge starts at noon. 

The goal of Special Olympics is "to bring people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream of society in Arkansas under conditions where they are accepted, respected, and given the opportunity to become positive citizens."



Update: More than half of U.S. households don't have life insurance

This is at a time when adding that little extra protection for your family is at its most affordable.

Update: Equipment failure likely cause of NLR plant fire

Arson has been ruled out. It took firefighters about an hour to battle the blaze Wednesday night.

No one was injured.

The Koppers plant at at 2201 Edmonds Rd. processes and treats railroad cross ties for Union Pacific.

NLR school district considers blending 6th grade students back in the mix

It's an older school and one of a few in the state that only houses sixth graders.

When parents pull up the Poplar Street Middle School, they see broken windows, a dirty exterior and rust buildup.

"We know students are getting excellent instruction inside the building, but it's getting them inside the building. If they can't get past that physical appearance, they never get that opportunity," says North Little Rock School District Communications Director Shara Brazear.

Brazear says teachers, parents, and staff have voiced their concerns during strategic planning meetings that continue to go on this week about the 57-year-old building that houses 625 sixth graders.

"I thought it looked like a dungeon and jail," says former student Taylor Mulligan.

The auditorium, which is a former church, is too small.

Developing News: Fire breaks out at NLR plant

Koppers processes and treats railroad cross ties for Union Pacific. No details are available yet on what started the fire.

Stay with Today's THV and todaysthv.com as the updates come in.

NLRSD asking for public input for strategic plan

The meetings are to form the district's strategic plan.

A majority of people attending the meetings also want to re-configure grades at the middle school level so that sixth through eighth grade would be in one building because right now sixth graders are in a separate building.

Teachers were able to cast their votes and see their results instantly.

"What research shows is the less transitions they have to make the better. Every transition students make during their educational career they lose ground," says Shara Brazear, the district's communications director.

"The hard decision was they gave us 4 choices of these things are all problems. Which ones were the most important was hard to decide. We want our facilities to be updated and we want the kids together in certain areas. It was hard to decide which one we should start with," says Kim Stanley, a teacher and parent in the district.

Jury selection begins in NLR alderman's trial


U.S. District Judge Bill Wilson began questioning a pool of prospective jurors Tuesday afternoon in the trial of 59-year-old Alderman Sam Baggett and 65-year-old Cabot businessman George Thompson, to whom the guns were sold. Several prospective jurors were excused after they said they knew details about the case.

The start of the trial came a day after a co-defendant, former North Little Rock alderman Cary Gaines, pleaded guilty to a charge of wire fraud. Both prosecutors and Baggett's defense team have listed Gaines as a possible witness in the trial.

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