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Burns Park rocket slide to re-open on Friday

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The famous rocket slide in Burns Park is set to re-open this Friday, June 20th at 11 a.m.

Mayor Joe Smith invites the public to join him at Burns Park in North Little Rock to open the newest version of the iconic rocket slide.

After being damaged by vandals earlier this year, a replacement has been built and will be ready for the next generation of kids this weekend.

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'Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow: Living with the Atomic Bomb' Exhibition

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow: Living with the Atomic Bomb, 1945-1965 explores the ways that Americans experienced the atomic threat as part of their daily lives. Curated by Michael Scheibach and ExhibitsUSA, the show features more than 75 original objects from the era.

Americans were flooded with messages about the dangers of atomic weapons and attack from foreign powers through pamphlets, household objects, media, and film. Although the threat of atomic annihilation eventually drifted to the background of American consciousness in the late 1960s, the Atomic Age left a legacy of governmental response and civic infrastructure that remains relevant today.

THV11 in Your Town feature: Batesville

THV11 in Your Town feature: Batesville

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) – I’m not going to lie. I think I chose Batesville for this trip just because I wanted to visit my old home again and see how much it has changed since I graduated from Lyon.

I could immediately see several changes as I drove in from Highway 167. Southside seems to have blossomed quickly into a busy area; Colton’s has moved to the old Bonanza site, my beloved Quizno’s/”secret” study place has shut down, and a Walgreen’s now sits where the old gas station and Baskin Robbins once stood. Things were even changing on campus and in the downtown area.


The biggest change at Lyon so far is the new Edwards Commons building. The original building was destroyed by fire in 2010, but a new 44,000 square-foot building has risen in its place, housing a campus store, mailboxes, a dining area and bistro, and the student life center.

Diamond Bear Brewery and restaurant opens on Thursday

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Get ready for some beer and bratwurst! A local brewery officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday.

Diamond Bear Brewery said it's finally ready to open its brewery and restaurant.

After moving to a new North Little Rock location, things are back in full swing at the brewing company.

The restaurant, Arkansas Ale House, began serving at 11 on Thursday morning with bratwurst as their signature food item.

The new location says they plan to stay open even longer than at their previous location.

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NLRSD looking to cut about $14 million

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark (KTHV) - The North Little Rock School District needs to cut millions of dollars from its budget to get back on track and because of that students will not see some teachers next year.

The district is being hit by a lot of things right now. Desegregation funding cuts are at the top of the list. Add to that the tax error that was discovered by the assessors office a few months ago. The district is making needed cuts while trying to not take too much away from the kids.

Now that school is out, Jeremiah and Isaiah plan to play basketball all summer long. Next year, Jeremiah will be in third grade at Amboy Elementary School, and Isaiah will be in second.

"We have Spanish," said Isaiah. "My favorite thing is we have PE," said Jeremiah.

Give blood with the American Red Cross and help maintain the summer blood supply

Give blood with the American Red Cross  and help maintain the summer blood supply

UNDATED (June 3, 2014) — The American Red Cross encourages eligible blood donors to make and keep donation appointments to maintain the summer blood supply and help prevent a shortage. Donors of all blood types are currently needed, especially those with type O negative, B negative and A negative.

While the need for blood remains constant during the summer, donations drop. Between June and August, on average, two fewer donors give blood at each Red Cross blood drive than what hospitals need. This seasonal decline could be overcome if just two additional donors – above what is expected – give blood at each Red Cross blood drive this summer.