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LRAFB speaks out on government shutdown | Politics

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LRAFB speaks out on government shutdown

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - The Little Rock Air Force has spoken out on the government shutdown.

Workers at the Jacksonville base felt the impact this week as approximately 350 civilian personnel were furloughed.

Col. Patrick Rhatigan of the US Air Force discussed the measures they're taking to take care of must-pay bills overseas during the shutdown. He said the uncertainty is extremely disruptive to the entire department of defense.

"What I know - rest assured - we do not have extra money, and we do not have extra people, and we need everyone to get the mission done," explained Rhatigan.

Col. Rhatigan said positions are open, but airmen are covering down on the capability. He added that they are getting planes in the air and doing their duty despite furloughs because the mission, he says, cannot fail.