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AETN Public Media Center to open in new Museum of Discovery Saturday

AETN Public Media Center to open in new Museum of Discovery Saturday


CONWAY, Ark. (AETN) — The Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) has partnered with the all new Museum of Discovery in Little Rock to open the AETN Public Media Center, an interactive resource room highlighting the best in public broadcasting with a science and nature focus. The museum’s official reopening is Saturday, Jan. 14.

“The AETN Public Media Center at the Museum of Discovery is a wonderful partnership because we are both dedicated to providing educational opportunities to inspire visitors and viewers to explore the world around them,” AETN Executive Director Allen Weatherly said. “We are gratified that they approached us to create a resource area drawing on the quality, insightful programming for which AETN and PBS are known.”

The Argenta City Club: What is it?

Located at 304 W Pershing Blvd in North Little Rock, all of the townsfolk you ask call it a private club. At some point, you’ll see vehicles gathered outside in the evening or a city worker cutting the grass.  

County tax records show the last taxes paid were in 1992.

In any event, many specifics aren’t available and the alleged list of members contains elected officials in and around town.

So then if it’s a private club, with city workers cutting grass, and elected officials allegedly gathering there, is it private?

If we need to make budget cuts in North Little Rock,  let’s cut the private use and give this building to the kids for another public place to hang after school is out just up the road,  a place where being loud and creative is ok.

Argenta  City Club: What it should be.

New alderman for North Little Rock's Ward 3 sworn in

New alderman for North Little Rock's Ward 3 sworn in

Living in North Little Rock for just over two years, I've taken the liberty to engage the city's elected and appointed leadership multiple times, if nothing else then for the sake of doing so. But prior to Steve Baxter being sworn in, North Little Rock's third ward has had some very bumpy roads when it comes to elected leadership at city hall. After the last two alderman resigned, it is great to finally have quality representation at the North Little Rock City hall.

 A special run-off election took place to replace one of the alderman at the end of March. Featured were; Jimmy Phillips, former alderman appointed by the mayor and city council as a replacement, and Bruce Foutch a new hopefull and now Alderman-Elect.